Data Recovery

Certified Data Recovery Experts

When media failure happens to a hard drive or RAID server, those who need results trust Tech Partners Hawaii’s Stress-Free Recovery services. Our certified data recovery experts can salvage the unrecoverable. We have the most cutting edge tools for salvaging unrecoverable data from nearly every make and model of disk drives and other electronic digital storage media devices. Please select the specific device or media type below for more information.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Should you ever find yourself having to deal with the unfortunate incident of a hard drive failure you’ll be hard pressed to find a more experienced or better equipped data salvaging and recovery team than the data recovery services experts at Tech Partners Hawaii

Server RAID / NAS Data Recovery

When a RAID server enterprise storage system fails, it can be the first sign of an unfolding nightmare if such an outage is not handled by an expert RAID Data recovery professional. Costly downtime and permanent data loss can and should be avoided by consulting with Certified RAID recovery service experts.

Tape Data Recovery Services

Even backup tapes, one of the most trusted backups format can on rare occasion fail. When that occurs, Tech Partners Hawaii is just a phone call away. Our advanced data recovery tools and proprietary techniques allow us to recover data that others often abandon as ‘inaccessible’. We can successfully salvage data from all tape media format.

USB Flash & Portable Devices

As the leading leading expert of portable media data recovery services for USB Thumb drives, IPODs, Flash MP3 and other Camera Digital Data devices, Tech Data Hawaii is the first and trusted source for your valued electronic digital files.

Laptop Data Recovery

Have you lost important data because of a notebook or laptop hard drive failure or outage? If so, we can definitely help. Having performed thousands of successful laptop hard drive recoveries, our staff of technicians are ready to handle the most difficult of any data recovery situation for all sizes and makes of laptop/notebook computers.

Database, SQL & Exchange Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery Services are most commonly associated with damage due to server failure or physical damage to a disk or drive. However, Tech Partners Hawaii offers solutions to many other common (and not so common) causes of data loss errors such as locked and ‘suspect’ backup files not recognizable by database engines, deleted records, damaged data pages and more.

Onsite & Remote Data Recovery

Our On-Site & Remote data recovery services allow our technicians to access and address your media data loss situation at your premises. Either by deploying a response team or utilizing powerful utilities, we have proven methods to quickly recover your critical files safely and securely from the convenience of your office location fast and securely.
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