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Hospitality & Tourism

Using technology to enable personal service and increase customers satisfaction.
Hotels, clubs and other hospitality related industries must balance customer interaction and personal service with technological advances. Customers expect friendly, courteous service. Your staff needs up to date pricing, scheduling and guest information. Only by combining an automated computer system with personalized service can the hospitality industry be successful in the long run.

Accounting & Financial

With more than 10 years experience in working with IT in the Accounting space, we get it. We know that between January 1 and April 15, you don’t reboot servers during the day under any circumstance and you don’t make any upgrades or changes. We understand that after April 15th, you don’t want to think about IT for a month while you are recuperating from tax season.We understand that each member on your staff, whether they are accountants or bookkeepers are billable and systems that don’t function the way they are supposed to, could lead to a decrease in billable hours, thus a decrease in revenue. We understand that you need to run the software that your clients run, which in many cases means different versions of the same software, on the same hardware, which has its own set of complexities that we know how to solve.

In addition to understanding how to administer the above applications, we’ve got partnerships with firms who specialize in the implementation of each of those pieces of software, that we would be happy to align you with.

Tech Parnters Hawaii has a strong understanding of the Accounting industry and everything that goes along with it. Let us put that experience to work for you. Call us today.


Solving many of today’s healthcare challenges doesn’t require experimental procedures.
Healthcare organizations are faced with countless numbers of software, hardware and vendor choices. With promises of Federal dollars, even more vendors sprout-up and claim expertise. Meanwhile, more demands are placed on clinics and hospitals to provide authorized access to information while maintaining some of the highest levels of uptime. Balancing these needs with the needs of a community of physicians, third party providers and employees to affordably centralize clinical records is an overwhelming task.

Medical TabletArmed with trade-journals, vendor advice and backed by providers who believe there is a better way, Administrators and Office Managers face an up-hill battle to find a local technology resource who can help them navigate the IT landscape.

Tech Partners Hawaii understands the challenges facing healthcare organizations and has proven success deploying solutions to combat these challenges. Tech Partners Hawaii brings technology to the point of care, guides decision-making process, and connects physician groups, hospitals, labs, radiology practices and surgery centers for seamless, real-time information sharing.

Software Integration

With familiarity in a broad range of software, we engage with vendors to help find applications to meet your practice’s individual needs. Tech Partners Hawaii will then assist with vendor selection and software integration.


Tech Partners Hawaii team of security professionals keep up-to-date on the latest compliance issues facing healthcare organizations. We validate solutions to answer business objectives with compliant solutions.

Business Continuity

Healthcare organizations have the responsibility of managing an environment that ensures continuous access to information, maintaining a high-level of care. Tailoring a business continuity solution to the unique needs of a practice depend on the environment, hours, practice are and the needs of external providers. Tech Partners Hawaii can help determine proper risk-levels, protect critical information and develop a solution to meet these objectives.

Real Estate

First Impressions can make or break a sale
Real estate professionals need to be ready 24×7 to impress potential clients. You don’t have time, nor can you afford for your computers to crash at the most inopportune time. Tech Partners Hawaii understands what it takes for to stand out from the crowd. Client information, potential leads, industry contacts. All these things need to be organized and managed to keep you at the top of your game. Let Tech Partners Hawaii help you put your best face forward to your clients.s.


It All Starts With A Strong Foundation
The construction industry has many unique challenges that can be met with property technology use:

Supervisors, estimators, your sales team and other workers need 24×7 access to their computer tools – in the office and in the field.
CAD, estimating and other software must be properly integrated to offer maximum speed and reliability.
Your company’s network must maintain 99.9% uptime, because every hour of downtime costs time and money.


With more than 10 years of legal IT experience, Tech Partners Hawaii serves as a preferred technology partner to leading law firms. Our expertise reflects our intimate knowledge of the legal environment – and the technology challenges you face.

With Tech Partners Hawaii, you can choose from a wide range of cost-effective solutions to manage and support the document management, mobile and other computing needs of your partners, associates, staff, and clients.


Tech Partners Hawaii is a licensed vendor with the State of Hawaii’s Department of Education. We pride ourselves in our quick, friendly support for education based issues, from small desktop problems to large server migrations. Tech Partners Hawaii keeps costs down and the level of service up to maximize limited educational budgets, insuring that schools can utilize the latest in education technology and setting the stage for increased student learning.


With thousands of manufacturers throughout Hawaii, Tech Partners Hawaii has developed substantial expertise in the manufacturing industry. If there is one industry that can reap substantial benefits through the proper use of technology, it is the manufacturing industry. Surprisingly, many manufacturing companies are not taking advantage of many of the technology tools that are available to them today. Whether you make parts that go on the latest advanced military weaponry or children’s toys, put Tech Partner’s manufacturing experience to work for your company and be rewarded the benefits that streamlined technology has to offer. Give us a call today to learn more.


Since 2004, Tech Partners Hawaii has been handling the IT needs of Non-Profit organizations. Tech Partners Hawaii plays an integral role in our not-for-profit clients reducing their IT expenditures, so that they can use their resources to help their particular cause. Whether it be providing learning resources for disadvantaged youth or supporting homeless shelters and job re-employment opportunities, Tech Partners Hawaii has helped dozens of not-for-profit clients get a handle on IT.

We understand that unnecessary dollars spent on overhead impedes your ability to serve. For that reason, we give all of our 501(c)(3) organizations a discounted rate on the services and solutions that we provide.

From the smallest of not-for-profit organizations with just a few computer users, to international organizations, Tech Partners Hawaii has the passion to help you help others. Give us a call today to learn more at 808-877-5557.

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