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Email security: Best practices to fortify your company’s defenses

For decades, businesses have primarily relied on email as the main method for communication and exchanging information. However, when something as crucial as email is relied upon so heavily, highly motivated cybercriminals are bound to try and take advantage of it. In fact, among all the entry points a hacker

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img blog how to ensure business continuity for manufacturing businesses

How to ensure business continuity for manufacturing businesses

Any operational hiccups can send ripples across any organization, but for manufacturing businesses, the impact can be even more severe. If natural disasters, power outages, or other disruptions occur, not only are the operations of a manufacturing business affected, but so is the entire supply chain. It is therefore crucial

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Zero Trust Security Featured Image

Zero trust security: An essential framework for Hawaiian businesses

With cyberthreats at an all-time high, it’s best to treat every user in your IT network with scrutiny. Zero trust security embodies this principle, ensuring that no one, whether inside or outside the company, is granted unchecked access. Let’s explore the various benefits of this approach and why it’s become

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Img blog A guide to planning and managing your disaster recovery budget

A guide to planning and managing your disaster recovery budget

Can your Hawaii-based business weather an unexpected breach, outage, or natural calamity without breaking the bank? As crucial as disaster recovery planning (DRP) is, a lack of budget strategy and oversight can lead to unnecessarily high costs or wasted investments. One may poorly allocate or overprovision resources, leading to redundant

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How to improve your password security habits in 2024

Passwords have long been the standard way of securing online accounts, but poor management and careless practices can often render them ineffective. Weak or reused passwords can be easily stolen by cybercriminals, and an overreliance on passwords alone could leave your systems vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated threats.Fortunately, there are several

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Top reasons your business should invest in IT security in 2024

In the coming year and beyond, implementing robust IT security solutions is no longer optional — it’s essential for survival in the world of modern business. Business owners must adopt proactive IT security strategies to stay ahead of potential risks. Failing to prepare against data breaches and cyberattacks can have

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Managed IT services that relieve you of stress

In a post-pandemic world, most people are concerned about stress in their everyday lives. Interestingly, Hawaii remains one of the least stressed states in the U.S. It has one of the lowest percentages of adults in poor health and has the highest job security. But everyday stressors can’t be avoided.

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